Friday, 29 October 2010

Condor Display from Earls Court Cycle Expo

Condor have produced an exquisite display of bicycle pornography
The enamelling is superb.  Very nice aesthetic bar stems!

More from the Cycle Expo 2010 at Earls Court

Demon - Great paint job - It's a work of art

Peugeot - Very good display

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

CYCLE Expo 2010

Here are some pictures of bikes that we likes at the recent bike exhibition at Earls Court London


Cooper Bikes

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Carlton Single Speed

A town bike with a little style SOLD
This bike started life as a frame that was obtained locally.  It's a standard 23" frame that probably dates from the 70s or may be the 60s but is nothing special.  The paintwork was poor and some touch up has been attempted in the past however there was little rust.  It hung around literally for about 6 months until I decided to turn it into a single speed.  It was painted with black hammerite and the lugs were highlighted in white.  This is primarily to preserve the frame but provides a pleasing effect.

Here's the finished bike on sale for £180

The bike provides a pleasing ride easy ride with the gearing big enough to provide real speed and acceleration. 
Carlton 23.5 frame
Wheels: New Mavic A119 700C rim on Mailard Large flange hubs built with new stainless steel spokes
New single speed 17 tooth freewheel sprocket
New Octalink splined Bottom Bracket
Shimano Ultegra Chainset with new alloy 47 tooth chain ring  
Weimann Cantilever brakes
New Tecktro brake levers and cables
Ribble branded Stem
New Tuvati Alloy bars
New Wellgo Alloy BMX pedals
New Bontrager Grips
New chain
Alloy seat pin with racing style saddle
All bearings have been re-greased 

Here are some more images

Friday, 1 October 2010

Single Speed - light 24" frame

A 24" frame Single Speed/Fixed speed. SOLD

This bike has an unknown origin as I originally came as a standard geared bike.  The frame is made of thin steel tubing - may be Reynolds - that has very neat fillet brazing.  The rear dropout is 120mm and the bottom bracket is threadless that suggests a track frame.  However there are braze-ons to support front and rear gears.  There is one small dent in the left seat stay.  The paintwork is scuffed in places.  The single speed configuration seems to work best and the whole bike weighs around 21lbs and is a joy to ride with the extra narrow 27x1x1/8 ulta sport tyres.

The buyer suggests that its a 1970s Viscount with Chromo moly tubing see sheldon brown's page on this

Price £180 - see Ebay Entry

Classic 27" wheels -Mailard Large Flange Hubs - Alloy Wienman Rims (flip flop rear hub) that have been rebuilt with new stainless steel spokes
new Continental Ultra Sport 27x1x1/8
Specialized Saddle
new threadless sealed bottom bracket
Weinnman Calliper brakes
Alloy Chainset 46 tooth chainring
Fixed gear 19 tooth sprocket and single speed 18 tooth sprocket
Wellgo platform BMX pedals
new Tektro levers
Alloy bar

The following photo shows the slight dint in the rear chain stay

Great fillet brazing

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