Monday, 29 December 2014

Getting inspired for the New Year

After posting a couple of Youtube videos yesterday, I did some further reading on 'LESS CAR MORE GO'  which is a documentary project about cargo bikes in America and around the world which you can read about here.

The site is full of inspirational ideas for cargo carrying bikes and some great images including the one below

The facebook page is equally packed with good stuff and can be found here

Speaking of good bike films I came across an article in the Guardian about Bike film festivals and what the best bike films were.  One the comes up again and again is 'A Sunday in Hell' which follows the French Paris-Roubaix spring classic over the paves.  I future Spindles Film?

Lastly this Channel 4 Equinox documentary from 1989 may also be worth a look.  I vaguely remember seeing it at the time and being inspired to start cycle touring.  It contains footage of Jack Taylor brothers building frames as well as Cinelli and Raleigh workshops, Alex Moulton, Columbus tubing and Condor.  The list is extensive and the commentary is familiarly resonant to today.  

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bicycles for Life: Mark Martin on TEDx

Nice little presentation by a 'bloke with funny beard'  who has some interesting things to say about the benefits of cycling.

Less Car More Go: Birth of an American Cargo Bike

This is a great short documentary about how cargo bikes came to be in America.  Very inspiring story and worth watching because it as much about community and social change as it is about technology

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