Saturday, 22 February 2014

First outing of the delivery bike

The delivery bike got its first outing last week adorned with Tibetan flags advertising Cafe Momo on Sunday 23rd February - they are serving soup from 12am at Church House - see here for details.  I rode it into town compete with flags and left it locked to a hanging basket frame.  

We also found out this week that we must be out of the Community centre by 31st May because the bulldozers will move in in June.  Only 3 months left at the community centre!
Today we had 4 bike donations and so despite our efforts to sell bikes on ebay we still have fifteen bikes in the workshop which is too many.  We have a pre dominance of girls bikes so if you want a cost effective bike for a young lady then get down to Spindles on a Saturday   


This is how to renovate properly - a very enjoyable video

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Spoke Key Review

I've built a number of wheels before and well as renovating used wheels and I've gained an appreciation of what makes a good spoke key.  I've been using the SW-7 standard park tool spoke key for a number of years and then I discovered the SW-20.  The SW-7 is great  for general purpose but there is a point within wheel building where the nipple gets tight on the spoke as the tension increases and that extra leverage and control is required.  This is where the SW-20 is brilliant, although it is only one size (0 on the SW-7) its very comfortable in the fingers when making adjustments.  Recommended.

The SW-10 tool is more about turning stuck nipples without destroying them.  I've only use it on one spoke which seemed to work.  There is a wheel at spindles which is waiting for the treatment,  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Renovated Dunelt Trademan's bike

We have finished the 1939 Dunelt Trademen's bike so I though I would post a few pictures.  We have put the Hero saddle on it as it has that vintage look.  The handlebars have been painted red however the rest of the bike is black.  The brakes have been renovated but they are still rubbish compared to modern brakes. The rear stand is modern and will be replaced as soon as we find something more appropriate.  It needs a stand so that it can be placed in the high street without leaning on anything.

The chain is a motorbike 1/2 by 1/4 inch which is a perfect fit for the super sized sprockets.  We have also put new chain tugs on the rear dropouts.  Look out for it over the next few weeks in Corsham High Street.

The Dunelt built in 1939

1/4 inch chain

We are now looking for a basket

No we are not starting a delivery service in Corsham!
 See original condition + tyres at

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