Saturday, 1 May 2010

Spring at Spindles

The last two months have been very productive with an emergence of a clear direction.  The bike hire has been put on hold due to the fact that there would be too many problems.  Bike hire needs lots of bomb proof bikes and we could not hold a sufficiently varied stock.

We have had several good mountain bikes through as well as a number of ladies bikes   Saturday mornings have been busy with lots of maintenance jobs and bike sales.  There is not enough time to work on bike projects.  Today we had several children in stripping bikes, cleaning bikes and working on their own projects.

We are now concentrating on maintenance and keeping a stock of reasonable quality road and mountain bikes.  We also have two pre war bikes, one BSA and a Raleigh that are being done up.  These bikes take time to restore and get into working order, sourcing new bits its time consuming and cleaning the grime can take ages.  We have Robin who is excellent at cleaning years of grime off wheels and frames.

The last month has been our best ever selling 8 bikes and keeping much of Corsham cycling.  The word is spreading and we seem to be getting a good reputation.  Roll on the summer.

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