Sunday, 21 April 2013

Classic Orange P7 and Gios frame

In the same week an Orange P7 Mountain Bike and a Gios Frame came into the workshop as donations.  The Orange P7 had interesting rigid forks with the brake stubs on the trailing side, which many would argue is the right side for the front brakes to be on.  It has great components: Deore 27speed gears and Avid brakes.

However,  the forks were wanted for a different project and so were swapped for front shocks

The Italian Gios frame came in from a very generous donor.  Building this into a bike will be a rare pleasure.  The fame is covered in in-bossed detail - the makers name and the Italian flag.  The whole frame and forks  have been chromed and then the frame only has been painted to provide durability 


Specialized Hardrock pro Frame with Marzocchi Forks

This frame came in last week - It's disc only so not really our thing.  It does have a pair of Marzocchi MZ Comp forks which still seem to work however are very scuffed.  The frame is 19 inch, retains the gear hanger and has plenty of scratches which are highlighted in the following images.  This is now on ebay

Friday, 19 April 2013

better weather, more bikes and dresses?

Green Bicycle Dress

With the warmer weather finally arrived bikes are now more visible on the than ever.  I have been told the Corsham's Ladies clothes shop (Madison see opposite) has a dress in it covered in bicycle images and today in Wilkinsons there were cushions covered in images of bicycles.  Is there something in the air or is it just the initial signs of madness?  I have heard reports from Bespoke Bristol of the ranks of beautiful bikes, components, lugs, tools but I'm kind of glad I didn't go as the next stop would be 'the funny farm'.

Spindles has been inundated with great donations recently - an old Orange MB, A Claude Butler, several Specialized frames as well as some nice components.  The shop is looking very crowded so we need to sell some bikes.  I've been crafting a bike check list so that we don't forget to tighten the pedals or the chain set.  It's actually quite difficult trying to cover every possible detail on every kind of bike while maintaining an 'easy to use' feel.  We will probably have two sheets, one for maintenance jobs and the other for bikes that we sell so the customer knows more about what they are getting.  We have used the forms provided by Sustrans however they are very basic and pertain to a safety check.

The Spindlers did some free maintenance work at the Chippenham Wheelers White Horse Weekend and it was good to see a wide variety of bikes and a reasonable range of ages amongst the participants not just old blokes on touring bikes.  The Sunday was very busy as lots of maintenance issues has been 'discovered' the day before.  Next weekend may be are busiest yet due to good weather and the farmers market.  The weekend after is a Spindles' Ride to Merkin's Cafe near Bradford-on-Avon starting at 1:30pm see you there. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Support a film about Afghan Female cyclists

This is taken from and is worth supporting.

The Film
The bicycle is a commonly used metaphor for change and freedom – wheels in motion, self powered movement, pedaling a revolution.
No where is this truer than in Afghanistan today as the Women’s National Cycling Team begins to take shape. Cycling is the last taboo for women in Afghanistan, women do not ride bikes. It is considered offensive and much like the women that dared to ride their bikes in petticoats in the late 1800's - the stigma of immorality and promiscuity is hard to push past. But also like America where the bike was intrinsically linked with the women's suffrage movement… it could be a vehicle for change in Afghanistan.
Our film will follow these women through their practice sessions, riding the backroads and highways outside of Kabul. We'll also get an intimate look at their lives when they're not on their bikes, documenting their lifestyles, home life, and their role as a woman in the male dominated country. Their passion and bravery is empowering to women internationally, while challenging gender barriers and setting an example to Afghan women at home.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

April bikes are coming out

I didn't go to spindles last week due to other commitments.  Spindles' ride last week was postponed as it was too cold whereas today brought perfect cycling conditions, cool and sunny with little wind.  First I caught up on the outstanding jobs that needed doing.  I bike that I had build over 2 years ago came in for a service which had changed hands a few times and had not been ridden much.  A quick tune of the gears and brakes along with some new air in the tires was all it needed.  Edgar talked to a couple who had brought some donations which turned out to be an Italian Alfredo Gios frame and some nice bits to go with it.  This was generosity personified.  In fact there were a number of great donations throughout the day along with a number of good maintenance jobs which included a renovation of a Moser.
The ride started at 3:15pm in Biddestone where 10 of us, including 4 kids, headed off to Giddeahall,then Yatton Keynell, Grittleton, Stanton Saint Quinton, Kington st. Michael, Allington and back to Corsham.  What we needed is a place name with a 'Z' and 'X' in it and we would have used all the letters on the alphabet in the place names.  A challenge for next time.  I handed out cakes half way around which went down very well while Tim came to be rescue of Ben with a couple of bananas to cure the fatigue that had suddenly set in.  It was a very pleasant way to spend Saturday last afternoon.  
I'll post some pictures of the donated bikes later.
Next week is the Chippenham Wheelers White horse weekend.

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