Saturday, 29 December 2012

The American experience

The american experience of the bicycle.  3 eclectic views from america on bikes, transport and good design

A view from Portland

Gerorina Terry designs and builds bikes for Woman and is completely self taught

This guy is surprisingly good and his message gets better and more comprehensive and inspiring as it continues.

Why we shouldn't bike with helmets

This talk add to the helmet debate.  I must declare that I only ware a helmet when riding in icy conditions or may be in a city.  The arguments presented here are compelling

Why bicycles do not fall down

I came across this TEDx talk about the stability of bicycles and its brilliant.
This could have a profound affect on the development of the bicycle

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Two MBs on a cold day

I decided to build up a single speed Cannondale and a geared Marin.  The Marin is a standard 3x7 however we did not have any suitable MB forks so I put a 700c pair in which works rather well.

The Cannondale frame has been around as long as spindles.  The frame is fantastic as are all Cannondale frames of this vintage.  However if is was to be geared then a considerable amount of money would be needed to justify the frame.  Hence the single speed idea and it works.

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