Saturday, 29 August 2009

About US

Spindles and Sprockets is a bike recycling project based in Corsham UK, that has been going since 2009.   

During Corsham festival in 2009, Richard and Edgar provided free cycle maintenance in Corsham High Street. Many people brought their bikes along so were very busy. The feed back provided that day led to the conclusion that Corsham needed a cycle maintenance facility. This would:
  • Promote the skills of bicycle repair and maintenance.
  • Keep bicycles on the road and being used.
  • Increase the number of bicycle journeys in Corsham.
  • Provide a recycling point for unwanted bicycles.
  • Improve peoples experience of cycling.
It was suggested that the Pounds Arts Centre would be an ideal place for us and Spindles and Sprockets was thus born.  We started opening monthly on 1st August 2009 and in 2010 went weekly on Saturdays.  

We are currently based in Corsham Community Centre until 31st May 2014 when we must vacate to make way for the car park of the new Community centre which has no place for a bike project.

We currently consist of:
with help from Alistair 

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