Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bicycle films and other news

Its been over a month since the last post so this one is well overdue.  Firstly the regular Spindles Rides are going well with 6 rides done in the last 8 weeks.  We usually meet at Corsham bookshop around 9:30 on a Saturday morning and ride out for a couple of hours with a tea stop at a cafe.  Please email us if you are interested in joining.
Secondly  we have an offer of a place which I have not seen yet.  It's not much but it could mean that Spindles may have a new home and may also need to be reinvented so that it will fit into that new home.
Lastly the new film "Bicycle" is being shown in Bradford on Avon on the 15th November and I though it would be a great idea to cycle over there from Corsham and watch it.  The more the merrier as combined lights etc would make it easy to cycle in the dark.  Here is some detail about the film. 

”Bicycle” a 90 minute documentary, asks the question why is cycling and the bicycle back in fashion? The film, which is directed by BAFTA winning director and keen cyclist Michael B.Clifford tells the story of cycling in the land that invented the modern bicycle, it’s birth, decline and re birth from Victorian origins to today. The film weaves bicycle design, sport and transport through the retelling of some iconic stories and features interviews with notable contributors Sir Dave Brailsford, Gary Fisher, Chris Boardman, Ned Boulting, Sir Chris Hoy, Tracy Moseley, Mike Burrows and many more plus great archive, animation and music.  “Bicycle” is a humorous, lyrical and warm reflection on the bicycle and cycling and its place in the British national psyche.

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