Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Spindles Is moving to the Community Centre

Our tenure at the Pound Arts will finish in February 2012.  We have had a good two and a half years at the Pound and the space has provided us with the ability to develop the project as a cost effective cycle maintenance facility for Corsham.
We have now secured a space at Corsham Community Centre (see map below).  The process of moving will take a couple of weeks so we will not be operating out of the community centre until March

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As you may be aware the Community Centre will be demolished next year (2013) to make way for Corsham Community Campus so we will still be on the lookout for more permanent premesis

Spread the word and get in touch.

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  1. I'm delighted to hear you have found a new home. I look forward to seeing you there soon. The Raleigh I bought from you a few months ago is serving me well as a winter bike. Today was a great day to test the Marathon Winter tyres!


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