Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spindles in the Papers

The Gazette and Herald photographer came around the other week to take some photos and a feature article resulted which you can read using the following link.
The boys could not get into the community centre as the combination lock had been changed hence the lack of photo of the workshop.  The spindles publicity machine has limped into action over the past few weeks and we have had a number of enquiries about new accommodation for Spindles.  The G&H article is as good as it gets.
We are winding down the stock at the moment so if you want to get yourself a bargin bike or tyre, wheel etc then now is the time to do it.  We hope to move in the next two weeks and are current playing with various options which include doing some long awaited projects.  The options for working on the High Street are complex,  potentially expensive and include setting up/down time which is not attractive.  Nearly all of the options are out of town so Spindles will be leaving Corsham.

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