Monday, 12 May 2014

Spindles moved into Storage, appearance at Repair Cafe At the Pound, what's next?

Packing away was not easy 
It has been a sad experience over the last few days to pack spindles stuff away into boxes and put it into storage.  All the bikes bar two were sold thanks mostly to ebay and the customer bikes were picked up.  The stock can neatly be stacked while the work benches fold and the shelving comes apart.

It was an opportunity to rationalise and a lot of the old reclaimed stock was re-evaluated and scrapped. Even the obligatory soft porn free calendar from our wholesaler, an object of ironic mirth,  was surplus to requirements especially since it was left under a leaking roof.
An empty room replaces Spindles Bike shop

 There was nobody around today , the wind whipped through the open doors pushing the curtains around, finding its way through the condemned building.  The knitting group was meeting for the last time as were the retired dancers.
What remains are empty rooms.  What will be in June is rubble, ground down to make a base for the car park.  

Next week Spindles will be at the Repair Cafe at the Pound Arts Centre.  It will be a kind of reunion as we spent 2 years at the Pound.  We may resume our spot at the back through the peacock gates and keep our hand in.  

We are currently considering a number of options, some of which include erecting temporary buildings.  This will take time to evaluate the respective potential of each opportunity and fully understand the pros and cons.  We want to get a more permanent place so that we can do more interesting activities.  For now, Spindles is safely packed away.

Spindles In Storage
Bikes ready to return

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