Monday, 11 August 2014

What's happened to Spindles - A bike shop in the Bardo

You may be wondering where Spindles Bikes have gone and why we didn't set up at Corsham School.  Well it turns out that the school had done a deal previously with Wiltshire Council where the land that we would have set up on was given to the council in exchange for building the all weather pitch.  A Good Deal but bad for Spindles since the council have now said that we will need to apply for planning permission to site a container on their land.  We are back to the drawing board.
We have applied to the Pound Arts to host a pop-up bike shop which is where we were originally.  As the Pound Arts is under new management who want to take it in a different direction, there my not be the scope for Spindles.  There may be a double garage coming up for sale near the centre of town which may be an opportunity.
We can set up out of town and do some 'project' based work but we would loose the sustainable transport ethos which started us going in the first place.
Meanwhile the new community centre is open with the cafe, Library and gym.  I went in there last Saturday, it all looks very new and clean with pine panelling.  It's early days for the new campus, things have to bed-in, the car park has to be finished and the modifications to the existing Springfield centre need to be completed before the potential can be appreciated.

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