Monday, 18 August 2014

Severn Bridge Sportive 24th August

We would just like to publicise the sportive starting at Castle Combe racing circuit.  There is also a Family cycling event.

The event will offer riders the choice of a 100km route or a 100 mile route through some of the best countryside the area has to offer - and you won't need to decide on the route you're taking until you get to the split point on the day!

Castle Combe Family Cycling Day
The plan for 2013 was to make the event as inclusive as possible offering cycling activities for all our visitors be they 2yrs or 102yrs and according to the feedback we received, we hit our target spot on!

The same challenge has therefore been set for 2014 as we work towards an even more exciting and full day of cycling activity for all the family! For 2014 you just need to turn up on the day and register to ride.

Download the Route

The .gpx files of the routes for the 100km and 100 mile Severn Bridge Sportive are now available to download! Please click on the link below...

Route Signage

The route will be clearly and comprehensively marked, with direction arrows at each turning and road junction. We will make sure that you are in no doubt as to where you should be heading so, if there is a long time between turnings, we'll put up some confirmation arrows to give you some reassurance that you haven't missed a turn. However, in the unlikely event that you take a wrong turn at any point or if signs have been dislodged, we will give each rider a route card as a fallback, which will also include emergency contact information.

Route Summary

The ride will start and finish at Castle Combe Circuit with the route taking riders down the Cotswold escarpment to the North of Bath and Bristol before taking in the Classic Severn Bridge crossing.Sportive (copyright Phil O'Connor)

The half-way point for the short ride and the first stop for the longer route uses Bulwark Community Centre on the outskirts of Chepstow close to the Severn Bridge crossing.

The long route then climbs through Wentwood used for the UCI Ladies World Cup race in 2005 prior to dropping into Usk and Raglan then tackling the steep Star Hill before dropping back to the original feedstop for more refreshment. The long route then joins the short route home with the Hawkesbury Upton climb and Badminton Village also featuring before dropping back to Castle Combe Circuit.

Route Maps

Route maps and emergency contact numbers will be provided at the time of signing in on the event morning itself.

More Details

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