Saturday, 22 January 2011

Its all about bikes

Donated Bikes
So far this year we have had 2 folding bikes, A Lenton Sport from the 1950's, a Raleigh Supreme, another Raleigh gents bike from the 1970s, a good BMX, a shaft drive bike, a Trek and a Bob Jackson.  Not to mention other assorted items and spares.  Unfortunately the Lenton Sport has a serious crack at the bottom of the seat tube which is a shame as its probably 531.  The Bob Jackson is in excellent condition frame and paint work and is 531c.  Here's a picture

This is a beauty but presents a problem, what do you do with it? Rebuilding as originally specified with 14 speed would not make a desirable bike.  Putting a triple speed chain ring at the front is OK but this frame begs for something special.  A single speed or fixie is possible but for a good job would cost around £150  to £200 in parts if the wheels are included.  This makes the final price £300+ and a limited market.

It may be better to sell the frame and with the money buy a new stand.  What a choice.

It's heartening to have had a number of people through the door wanting  their bikes serviced.  The cold weather and snow takes its toll on chains and sprockets.  The dark morning means that there is little day light time for bike maintenance.  There have been one or two bikes with chains that can flex a full circle.  We are busy and I hope it will stay that way. 

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