Friday, 19 April 2013

better weather, more bikes and dresses?

Green Bicycle Dress

With the warmer weather finally arrived bikes are now more visible on the than ever.  I have been told the Corsham's Ladies clothes shop (Madison see opposite) has a dress in it covered in bicycle images and today in Wilkinsons there were cushions covered in images of bicycles.  Is there something in the air or is it just the initial signs of madness?  I have heard reports from Bespoke Bristol of the ranks of beautiful bikes, components, lugs, tools but I'm kind of glad I didn't go as the next stop would be 'the funny farm'.

Spindles has been inundated with great donations recently - an old Orange MB, A Claude Butler, several Specialized frames as well as some nice components.  The shop is looking very crowded so we need to sell some bikes.  I've been crafting a bike check list so that we don't forget to tighten the pedals or the chain set.  It's actually quite difficult trying to cover every possible detail on every kind of bike while maintaining an 'easy to use' feel.  We will probably have two sheets, one for maintenance jobs and the other for bikes that we sell so the customer knows more about what they are getting.  We have used the forms provided by Sustrans however they are very basic and pertain to a safety check.

The Spindlers did some free maintenance work at the Chippenham Wheelers White Horse Weekend and it was good to see a wide variety of bikes and a reasonable range of ages amongst the participants not just old blokes on touring bikes.  The Sunday was very busy as lots of maintenance issues has been 'discovered' the day before.  Next weekend may be are busiest yet due to good weather and the farmers market.  The weekend after is a Spindles' Ride to Merkin's Cafe near Bradford-on-Avon starting at 1:30pm see you there. 

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