Saturday, 27 July 2013

Classic Problems

Monthly Ride
There wasn't a ride today as 2 of us were away so only Nick and Josh on duty supported by Robin.  There will be a ride soon so watch this space.
Our Classic Problem
We were asked this week whether we have any frames suitable for Single Speed conversion.  looking around the bike shed there were not many road frames - if fact one which is detailed in the pictures below.  Its a Raleigh Lenton Sports 531 frame from the 1950s with nice decals but a bit scrappy.    These frames are a classic problem as they require a lot of time to turn them into something which at the end of the day, is not desirable.  It has horizontal dropouts but getting 27 inch wheels or the right brakes to work effectively is hard.  It could also do with a respray and new transfers which would be around £100.
What do we do with it?  I'm open to answers

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  1. You might find someone either on the CTC forums or at who wants it for a project.


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