Wednesday, 17 July 2013

July it must be Tour de France

Spindles has been busy over that last few weeks and we have sold a lot of bikes which is great because the shed was getting a bit full.   The Argos (Holdsworth) was converted to a single speed and we have sold a number of other bikes to get the stock down.  Now the Bad news, the football team have reformed and want their old changing rooms back so we have to move.  Fortunately, the Community Centre have offered us half the snooker room so we will be moving but not far.  This will happen over the next few weeks.

Froome is leading the Tour de France, the sun is shining and bikes are becoming mainstream across the UK.

We will still need to move when the Community Centre is knocked down next year so
do you know of any empty building in Corsham near to the main High Street?
We have gone through most of the barns - Enterprise Inns (the owner of the Flemish Weaver) wanted too much money for the Barn at the back of the pub.  The Old Guides hut, at the back of the Tourist Information centre is used by Corsham council as 'storage'.  There must be something out there.
We should plan to increase cycling in Corsham by 100% in three years!
Judging by the number of people turning up on Saturday mornings recently, this could be achievable.

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