Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Autumn Sunshine

The warm sunny weather was perfect for a bike ride last Saturday,  We took a route through Biddestone, Castle Combe, Nettleton, Ford and back home.  Even Robin didn't seem to mind the long climb out of Long Dean and Ben flew up the hills.  The first Saturday in the Month is the new day for the Spindles' rides and we did well to down tools at about 2:30pm and set off.  The route also included a tea stop and a chin wag about the project and where we go after the community centre is flattened.

On the 12th October we will hold the first maintenance workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to maintain their bike.  This costs £10 an hour for individual tuition.  Please email us if you are interested as we can only fit two in starting at 2.00pm and 3.00pm.

We had a great donation the other week, a Dunelt delivery bike which is probably pre 1939.  It's in reasonable condition with all the right bits, we have added some new tyres and have rubbed down the frame.  It should make a good advert bike in the High Street.  It's a rare opportunity to get a museum piece like this and there is a queue of people who want to ride it when it's finished.

Dunelt Trademan's bike in bits

The Logo
   There is a museum specialising in tradesmans bikes which looks like its got a similar model

Original advertisement for the bike

Other bikes that have been acquired include a Raleigh Touriste, 531 frame with Brookes saddle, see below,  Here the paintwork is scrappy and its difficult to decide whether to do a full paint job or touch up? Should it have STI shifters or bar ends?  It always comes down to what the customer wants and what they are prepared to pay.  If it had a good paint job with STI 3x8 shifters then £300+ would not be unreasonable but that would almost be the cost of production.

Next Ride Saturday 2nd November 2:30pm

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