Friday, 25 October 2013

Web site update

We had a bit of a photo session the other day,  we were not all present - 2 missing,  but the sun was shining and its been a while so here's the result.  Last Saturday there was 9 of us beavering away at different times comfortably outnumbering customers by a fair margin.  That last comment is probably not fair as we have had loads of customers through the door and have recently taken 2 commissions. All we need is chairs and tables and we could open a coffee shop

Josh's experiment bike - a mountain/road bike cross for a child, is coming on and should be finished next weekend.  Photos to follow.  The pictured bike is the 1930s delivery that came from the the Duke of Cumberland pub which use to be at the bottom of Priory Street.  Well done Ken for rescuing the bike.  We still cannot shift the seat pin but Robin has sanded and scrubbed his heart out getting it ready for painting.

There is still no end of kids bikes.  Two weeks ago we left a kids bike outside of the Springfield centre hoping it will go to a new home but the good people of Corsham left it be.  Luckily, someone came in looking for a bike for her daughter and Edgar remembered it was still there.  Result.

My hope is that we get another building to house Spindles next year as our current home will be demolished next May and our accumulated pile will have to be disposed.  

I've recently put together two new bikes - An 8 speed Nexus hub gear Trek and a Carrera commuter bike, see below.  The Carrera came from a skip with no wheels and a semi stuck seat pin.  With new wheels and a cable tidy up its a great new bike.

The Trek was the only frame we had with horizontal drop out.  We have has the Nexus for a while which we got new.  I was surprised how quickly the gearing came together to make a great little bike.  It may not sell very well as the frame is a little untidy and the nexus alone is £150 brand new.  So the bike should see for £200+

I finally updated the main spindles website and integrated some modern sliders for the header and gallery.  Josh is also doing a spindles font based on chain links- a novel idea.  There are also Tee shirts being desiged as well - just in time for Christmas.  Now there's a thought....

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