Sunday, 15 December 2013

2013 review

The shop was open for that last time on Saturday the 14th December.  Next Saturday 22nd will be our Christmas meal and we are closed on the 29th.  Spindles will open again on 4th January 2014.  2013 has been a mixed year.  The move to the snooker room last August was a hit as we went from the dingy changing rooms to the light airy massive Snooker room and for once Spindles looks like a shop.  However, the impending demolition of the Community Centre is ever present and it dominates the conversation in the workshop.
We didn't have a huge number of commissions this year however we did have one or two blinding donations with the Gios the highlight.  We did get plenty of donations at the lower end of the market and we have started leaving them around Corsham with tags on saying free to a good home.
The project now consists of Edgar, Nick and me(richard); Josh and Alistair are regular volunteers; Tim is the unsung hero not forgetting the two Bens.  Last but not least is Robin makes 9 making the  doughnut run to My Loaf a significant task.  Josh and Alistair will move on to University in September 2014 so we may need more volunteers to replace them.
Spindles will have to move by May 2014 and morph into something that its next home can accommodate.  The most likely next home is a lock-up garage with no lights or facilities.   Sounds grim, but we have been very lucky with our premises, The Pound Arts and the Community Centre.   We have probably sold over 100 bikes, done countless maintenance jobs along with spares and accessories.

Thanks everyone for your support over the last year.  Have a great holiday and we hope to see you next year.


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