Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Tail of 2 Carradice Saddle Bags

About 6 years ago my partner and I got a Carradice Saddlebag each, she got the Nelson Long flap and I got the Super C.   Although I use mine every day and I have carried very heavy items in it, the Nelson Long flap has proved much better because its a better design.  The Nelson seems to ware better, is more versatile   and is not a prone to splitting apart at the seams.

The Carradice Nelson on the Left and the Super C on the right

The Super C seams fail
The Super C lacks the reinforcements around the sides resulting in the wooden dowel poking its way out of the bag which can be seen in the picture opposite.  This has happened on both sides.  I originally got the Super C because of the D rings and the modern fittings as opposed to the buckle arrangements on the Nelson.  The Nelson also seems to be more weatherproof possibly due to the extra flap but its actually a much better design. 

The Neson seams are reinforced
The Nelson has extra leather studded reinforcements on both sides preventing the wooden dowel from ripping the fabric.  Also the seams are double stitched making for a better finish and stronger bag.   The Nelson did benefit from a Bagman support however this caused the bag to sag around the support.  The problem was solved by inserting a Corrugated plastic sheet in the bottom that provides the rigidity the bag needs
The Nelson long flap is a far better product and I would go for that one every time.

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