Monday, 27 January 2014

Dr Bike at Walwayne Court Primary School, Trowbridge

A couple of weeks ago we put our Dr Bike hats on to go to Walwayne Court Primary School in Trowbridge.  Dr Bike is organized by Sustrans and paid for by the NHS and allows the kids to bring their bikes in for a safety check.  We try to fix every bike that comes our way and out of the 44 bikes done there was only one that we could not fix.

Bikes waiting to be done

The day started with bright sun but ended in rain.  We had audiences at break time all trying to solve the mystery of who was Dr bike? We each had a school meal which brought back vivid memories.  Nick has seconds!
Edgar, Nick and myself working 
Thank you letters 
I few days ago we received a letter containing a batch of thank you letters from the school. They are clearly very keen on cycling as it was one of the best turnouts we have had on Dr Bike days.
Our next Dr Bike is at Wiltshire College in Chippenham on the 12th February

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