Thursday, 10 July 2014

Cycling Shoes you can walk in.

This is one of my pet hates. I've lost count of the number of cycling shoes I have gone through in the last ten years. OK I do a lot of walking in them as well but what tends to happen is that the sole wears through to the air pocket allowing water to get in making my feet wet. This happens within about 2 years and is all the more galling because the uppers are in perfect condition. I think its a technique employed by shoe manufacturers to make the sole so flimsy that buying a new pair within two years is inevitable. 

I've taken my latest pair to several cobblers who scratch their heads and then say no because of the hard sole. I then struck upon the idea that I could glue some old bike tyre to the bottom of the sole thus fixing the problem. And here is the result.

I used a specialist rubber glue and some old 700c tyre. OK it not brilliant and after a couple of weeks the tyre tread had worn through.  Don't get me wrong these Exustar shoes are great but like most cycling shoes they are not designed to be resoled. Next I will try mountain bike shoes.

Anybody know of a good cycling shoe that will stand up to a bit of walking?

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