Thursday, 10 July 2014

Spindles at the Tour De France

I just had to go to see the Tour in Yorkshire so my brother-in-law and I hatched a plan to cycle from Kirkby Stevens to Muker.  I went up the day before in the rain to by sisters house in Ings, but the next day (Saturday) was warm sunshine.  Before we got to Kirkby Stevens we were seeing bikes heading towards the tour and after getting provisions for the day at Kirkby we turned off onto the B6270 which ascends a 1600ft pass before descending  into Muker.  I've never seem so many bikes go over a 1600ft pass and as the roads were closed they were almost traffic free.  As we got closer there were more yellow bikes, campsites and car parks as evidence of the numbers of people.

The Howgill fells are a stunning part of the country, with quiet roads with the occasional 'arrow' to indicate steep gradients

After arriving into Muker we found a spot on the wall and waited for helicopters to appear which indicated the first rider was about to come through.   But the Tour De France is about advertising

With the advertising safely through the helicopters arrived, then disappeared and re-emerged along with the first rider  

Soon after the Peloton came through

What was really good to see was the number of people to had ridden on bikes to get their spot.  Not only middle aged blokes on new racers but families with their dogs, old and young, shopping bikes, MTBS the list is endless.

Heading Back home

The sides of the road became a temporary bike park

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