Sunday, 1 November 2009

Bike Maintenance Day - a deluge of bikes

31st October At the Pound Arts Centre

Only one Customer but 8 bikes were donated.

working hard getting donated bikes working

It was a day of bike renovation with 8 bikes and a frame donated.  The day started early with the apprentices Sam and Matt arriving before anyone else.  We opened up and got the completed bikes in the display area and got the tools and stands ready.  I spotted a child's bike that needed a the tyres pumping up which turned out to have 4 punctures.  Whilst fixing the puntures we got some visitors who donated 6 bikes (pictures to come)  4 child bikes and 2 - 'his and her' - adult bikes.  They had not been used for some (maybe 20) years and has been stored in a garage so were not in too bad shape.

Sam and Matt were emediatly onto the childs  bikes taking the wheels off and cleaning the frames.  I carried on mending puncures.  Nick arrived with another childs racer to sell then Tim arrived with a mint Raleigh 'Caprice' Ladies bike with flowers on and a Cannondale Aluminium mountain bike frame.  Both had been rescued from the doom of a recycling centre.  The Caprice had never been used as the inside of the mudguards were mint.  There was however a major amount of rust on the Chainset and rims which Nick got to work on.

Edgar arrived with Robin and got the work bench out and worked on the Trek mountain bike with the rusty chain and mechs.  I still worked on the punctures,  The Green Dawes and juggled trouble shooting Sam and Matt's queries.

  One customer came through the door today who had a bottom bracket problem which was fixed for £7.5.  later on we got drinks and a slice of cake for everyone for about £10 so we made -£2.50.   However, the day was productive with lots of bikes saved from landfill and made ready to be sold.  Hopefully there will be a Christmas rush.

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