Sunday, 25 August 2013

We need a new home

March 2014
We need to vacate these premises by 31st May 2014 to make way for the car park of the new Community Centre that is currently being built.  Please get in touch if you know of a place we could move to.

We have moved - but only around the corner
August 2013
Spindles has a new shop.  We have moved from the dingy changing rooms to around the corner into  the snooker room which has made a fantastic bike shop.  It will not be long there as the whole community centre will be demolished around the summer of 2014.  However we will enjoy being in the snooker room as its a very usable space.  The following satellite view of Corsham Community Centre shows where we are now.

Yesterday there was a veritable torrent of customers wanting bikes fixed or wanting a reconditioned bike.  I wonder if we have turned a small corner in Corsham where people are looking to use bikes for transport.  There were some people asking for bike to enable their children to get to school, some wanting road bikes, a lot of maintenance plus some donations of kids bike.  We managed to get through them all by 4:30pm.

Here are some shots taken yesterday of the work space and the shop
Spindles Bike shop - New open air space to work

Spindles - a lot more room 

We can now work inside when it rains

Some of the current collection of bikes and frames

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