Sunday, 25 August 2013

4 Adjustable Spanners - which is best

Some time ago I lost my Rothenberger 6" spanner which was a disaster as it one of the must useful tools in the box.  I knew that the standard Draper tool from B&Q just does not do the job so I looked on line and found a Facom 6" on ebay for about £15.  This proved to be a disappointment as the jaw is very wobbly.  In frustration I look on line again  and found a Bahco again for about £15.  May be this would be better but no - its slightly better and is made of better quality steel but its just not as good as the Rothenberger.

A couple of months later my Rothenberger turned up and the Facom and Bacho became surplus to requirements but the story does not end there as at a car boot sale last week I got a very nice Alloy Drop Forged (Spain) 6" adjustable for £1!.  This was actually just as good as the Rothenberger which I also bought at a car boot sale for £10.  It's not only the quality of the jaw mechanism but its also the quality of the alloy which makes the Rothenberger and the Spanish offering so good.

From the Left - From Spain £1, Facom (£15), Bahco (£15) and Rothenberger (£10)

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