Sunday, 14 February 2010

Once a Week at the Pound Arts 13th Feb

13th February
Spindles is now once a week at the Pound which will hopefully give us some regular custom.  We had three customers today, one of which bought a bike and the others required some maintenance.  Robin worked on the Ladies Viscount which has almost never been used although its over 30 years old.  It will make a good little run around.  I would like to do a straight bars conversion on it but its just too expensive as we would only hope to get £40 for it.  We are open until 1pm so its a bit of a rush to get everything done.  We still have too many kids bikes which are taking up room, maybe an advert on trade-it would do the trick.

Robin is getting better at cleaning bicycles and we are almost running out of bikes for him to clean.   I managed to get a 1 1/4 headset for the Cannondale only to discover that the forks have been filed where the bottom racer sits which is a blow.  I have some suitable shims that might work but that's even more time.  We just need to sell it as a frame.  It would be a fantastic bike once finished.

Nick was kept busy on Customer bikes.  It will just be myself and Robin next week

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